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Australia plays host to several million visitors a year. Whether you are a tourist wanting to explore the colours of the outback and the excitement of the cities, or a professional wishing to do business, you will need a valid visa to enter and spend time in Australia.

Short-stay business visas

The Business (Short Stay) visa (subclass 456) allows the bona fide business person to make a visit to Australia of up to three months to conduct business - a conference, negotiation or an exploratory business visit.

A single-entry or multiple-entry visa may be issued.

In many countries, you can obtain a Business (Short Stay) visa at the same time you purchase an airline ticket.  Ask for a Business Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) for Australia.

Sponsored business visitors

If a member of an Australian parliament, authorised government agency representative or local government mayor is going to guarantee your visit, you can apply as a sponsored visitor.

The visitor sponsorship has been designed for people who may not be able to obtain a visitor visa due to doubt that they are genuine visitors who will abide by their visa conditions.

An Australian sponsor can provide an undertaking that their visitor will abide by visa conditions, including that they depart Australia before their visa expires.

 Long Business Visits to Australia

For longer stays, the Temporary Business Entry (Long Stay) visa caters for business visits of up to four years for:

·         personnel (executives, managers and specialists) for companies operating in Australia;

·         personnel from offshore companies seeking to establish a branch in Australia, participate in joint ventures, or fulfil a contract awarded to an offshore company;

·         personnel coming under a labour or Invest Australia Supported Skills agreement.

If you apply on, or after, 01 January 2004 for a visa where you are seeking to work for a company operating in Australia, or under a Labour Agreement, or under a Regional Headquarters agreement, or under an Invest Australia Supported Skills agreement:

·         you do not need to be in Australia to submit your application;

·         you must submit the application via the Internet or in written (hard-copy) form to a departmental office in Australia;

·         you cannot submit your application at an Australian overseas mission;

·         long-stay business visitors unable to use the Internet application service will need to submit a written (hard-copy) application. Forms are available from this website (see below).

·         if an application is sent in hard-copy you must send the application to the Business Centre in Australia which processed (or is processing) the sponsorship and nomination applications from your employer.


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You are welcome to contact us with any questions you may have. Whether your goal is simply to study or travel in Australia for a short time or for your family to live permanently in Australia, we can assist you in achieving your objective.

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