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Australia has been welcoming students of all levels from around the world under its overseas student program for many years. The program has been expanding consistently in recent years and in 2003 there were 162,575 student visas granted to students from over 140 countries.

Some of the major source countries for overseas students are The People’s Republic of China, the United States, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea and Germany. There is a course for you in Australia.

 Subclasses of  student visas

 There are seven subclasses of student visa:

 1.     Subclass 570 – Independent ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for  

       Overseas Students);

 2.     Subclass 571 – Schools – For primary and secondary schools and school

        exchange programs;

 3.     Subclass 572 – VET – Vocational Education and Training for courses conducted

                                at technical colleges;

 4.     Subclass 573 – Higher Education – Undergraduate courses;

 5.     Subclass 574 – Postrgraduate – Masters and Doctorate study;

 6.     Subclass 575 – Non Award – Foundation studies etc.;

 7.     Subclass 576 – AusAid and Defence Studies – Sponsored by the Australian


 Why study in Australia

 Everyone knows Australia is a large country which is well known for its beaches and kangaroos. But beyond its attractive and relaxed outdoor way of life there are many other important reasons people from around the world choose Australia for their studies:

 International reputation - Its universities have a world wide reputation for excellence in many disciplines and they deliver the practical and career oriented training demanded by employers;

Quality control - All educational institutions offering courses to overseas students must be fully registered and are strictly controlled by the Australian Government. This strict regulation means students and parents can be sure that the teaching staff, the courses offered and the facilities are all of the highest international standard.

Value - As well as the very highest quality education, overseas students are attracted by the value. You get a world class education at a price much lower than in other English speaking countries. Compare the tuition fees and cost of living yourself. You may be surprised at how inexpensive it is to live in Australia compared with Europe and North America.

Pleasant life – Australian cities and towns are safe and pleasant places to live. Our sporting, recreational and dining facilities are amongst the very best anywhere.

Work while studying - To assist in meeting expenses many students are permitted to work while they study in Australia;

After comparing quality of education offered, cost of tuition, living expenses and way of life the natural choice for many is to study in Australia.  

     Find out more

Whether it is a high school course for your child, an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, a vocational course or  simply to study English, Australia has a huge choice of courses and institutions. To find out more about the requirements for a visa choose choose from one of the visa subclasses on the left.



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